Pointing people to the cross of Jesus Christ


At CrossPoint, we use the acronymn "GRACED" to help us remember what a mature adult disciple looks like. While more could be said, we want to keep it simple and memorable.

G - Gospel Identity; our identity is not our past or accomplishments or what others say about us, but what God has done for us through Jesus Christ. God's grace permeates everything about who we are and what we do. (Gal. 2:20)(Phil. 3:7-11)(1 Cor. 1:18-31)

R - Relationship with Christ daily through study of Scripture and Prayer (Ps. 19; Phil 4:4-7). A mature Christian regularly engages in a relationship with Jesus.

A - All - the willingness to surrender everything in one's life to Christ daily (Luke 9:23-24) and give all the glory to God (1 Cor. 10:31)

C - Community of Christ - a mature disciple lives out the "one another" passages of Scripture with other Christians. (John 13:34-35)

E - Evangelism in all spheres of life (Matthew 5:13-16; Eph. 6:18-20; 1 Cor. 10:31)

D -Disciple maker--a mature disciple makes disciples of others who makes disciples (Matthew 28:18-20)